27 Jun

Album Style

Hi guys, Mark Brittain here again for Creative Elegance. Today I want to chat about another thing to take into account when looking at Wedding Albums - Style.

So there are numerous different styles of Wedding Albums out there some are new and some are old. Today Creative Elegance offers the following,

Coffee Table
Lay Flat
Slip In
Stick In

Coffee Table:- Books are the latest and greatest of the Album world. The imagesfor the album are printed on the pages and then coated for protection. You even have to choice to have a dust jacket on the outside of the album, like a paperback book, for protection. Most of the time there is no limit to how many pictures that can be added to the Album. And they come in a multitude of different sizes.

Lay Flat:- Lay Flat Wedding Albums are the newest and modern type of Album. They stem from the Coffee Table Book and take it the step further. Instead of there being a seam down the middle of the book, like every magazine, there is a 1.5mm split of the pages. Now some suppliers offer for the pages to be folded in the Lay Flat Albums but over the yrs and the countless turning of the pages, the crease in between the pages will wear, and the print that spans across the two pages will wear away. We only supply the Lay Flat Wedding Albums with the split in the centre. These books do as their name suggests. They Lay Flat, no pulling the centre of the Album apart to see whatís in the middle.

Slip-In:- Slip-In Wedding Albums have been around for years. They come in plenty of different sizes, shapes and colours. The images for the Album have to be printed 1st then slipped into little jackets on each page. The up-market Slip-in has 1 print per page with a coloured velvet edging so you canít see where the print slips in.
Stick In:- Stick-In Wedding Albums are old school. The photo is printed then stuck into the album using little sticky tabs that go on each corner on the photo. Most of these albums are not lay-flat and have a limited number of pages that the album can handle. The album usually has a piece of thin see through paper between each page so the prints donít touch and rub on each other.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas for some information and questions to ask your prospective supplier and help you choose wisely.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment or email on the below address..

Mark Brittain.


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